Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys! Chocolate! Rain!
Выписываю для себя простые, но нужные вещи. Что-то вроде руководства для моделей, взято отсюда.

Eat every 3-4 hours

Do not wait until you are starving, as you will be more likely to over-eat. (про меня - 100% правда)

This has been documented extensively and there is substantial evidence to support that eating before your system crashes, keeps your metabolism working, your body burning calories and your mind more alert.

You can think of your metabolism like a fire; if you keep it stoked, it keeps burning. If you let it die down, it gets cold and stops burning calories and fat.

Now, this doesn't mean you eat a full meal every three hours, it means you eat three meals a day with two mini meals or snacks in-between.

A snack or a mini meal should be about 100-200 calories and it should contain some protein. Which again helps the food to stay with you longer and prevents the insulin drop that can come from just eating carbs by themselves.

Good ideas for snacks are:

-Apples have lots of fibre and are a low-calorie fruit. Have with some almonds- (8-12 almonds is a serving size - not 20)
-Carrots with hummus or low fat cheese and a few high quality crackers.
-Small energy bars - careful it's not a 400-calorie bar (if it's not a meal).
-Low fat yogurt-with some fruit-and/or almonds.

These snacks are all portable and you can bring them from home so you won't have to rely on others providing food that's OK for you to eat. And it diminishes the chances of you getting so hungry you either bonk and then let's face it-you don't take good pictures in this state-or attacking the lunch buffet when it's finally time to eat.

Follow the 90/10 rule

Yes, you can eat chocolate and look good. You just can't eat buckets of it.

Most models have a sweet tooth, and we all know what happens if we deny our sweet tooth for too long - when we finally indulge, we over-indulge.

You can avoid the over-indulging by working reward foods into your daily eating regime.

The 90/10 rule means 90% of your diet is comprised of healthy or non-treat foods and the other 10% should be something that is very satisfying to you, like dessert!

Good tips for dessert include:

-Have dessert soon after a meal when you'll be more full and less tempted to overeat.
-Choose plain chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids or milk chocolate with at least 30% cocoa solids.
-To avoid the depressed or stressed-out binge, eat small servings twice or more a week.
-Eat dark chocolate - it's better for you.
-Don't keep boxes of irresistible food at your house. Go out and buy the quantity you wish to eat that day. If you don't have more on hand you can't eat it.
-If you are taking from a larger container (i.e. ice cream), decide how much is reasonable and enjoy it. Don't go back for seconds.
-Enjoy fruit - with summer coming there are lots of super sweet options.
-Avoid desserts that are super sweet. Highly sugared foods make us crave more sugar, which is why dark chocolate is a good option.
-Eat your dessert without other distractions. Turn the TV off, or put down the magazine. Pay attention to what you're eating and ENJOY it. -You are allowed to live, and your overall food intake will be better for it.

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection.

It can be overwhelming not to mention disheartening to focus on being perfect.

NO ONE is perfect.

And trust me, even if YOU think they are, THEY DON'T think they are. (да-да, и даже Адриана Лима не считает себя идеальной)

Recognize what you are doing to move towards your goals, not just what you're not.

If you did three out of four workouts this week, but you aced your math test, or had a great casting, focus on what you did accomplish - not just on the workout you missed.

These small steps are evidence that you are moving towards your goals and your dreams.

One of my favourite sayings is that you can't eat an elephant in one bite! You need to approach life the same way - one bite, or step at a time!

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